How small Contractors are getting a better grip on their business with Buildcloud

For most small contractors there is a day when everything starts to fall apart. You’ve been growing your business, contract values have been going up, builds are getting more complex and multiple jobs are now running at the same time. So far so good.

But then something slips.

You’ve missed a revised drawing from an architect and built a toilet in the middle of what is now the kitchen, one of your subbies has used the wrong grout colour and now the whole bathroom needs re-grouting, your landscaping contractor has gone through the electricity supply and now the whole neighbourhood has gone dark.

The excuses are all reasonable: “I was working off the printed plans on site”, “no one told me the colour had changed”, “if you’d been on site more you could have told me the cable was there”. But they all come down to the fact that you are trying to run multiple projects the way you used to run a single project.

Winging it worked before. But it doesn’t any more.

Luckily there’s a better way: Buildcloud.

As simple to use as Facebook

Buildcloud is a brand new app that fits perfectly with the way small contractors work, and it is already helping hundreds of companies save time, reduce costs and eliminate errors. It’s as simple to use as Facebook, can be setup in minutes and is completely free for most small contractors – plus it’s run by an amazingly helpful team who are always on hand to help out.

The app provides simple project management for the construction industry without you or your sub-contractors having to change the way you work. It includes:

  • Newsfeed – as simple as using Facebook; post project updates and images to share with the project team, and comment on updates too.
  • Drawings – all your project drawings in your pocket, ensuring everyone has the latest plan.
  • Site Notes – make site notes on your iPhone, no need to type up and collate images later on, and share right away as a PDF.
  • Team – add users to the project team, and invite other companies to collaborate, wherever you are. Coming soon this will also tell you who is on site, what time they arrived and what time they left.
  • Photos – every image uploaded is stored here, so progress is easy to track and potential issues easy to spot.

How are Small contractors using Buildcloud

The Newsfeed is a game changer:

“The Buildcloud newsfeed is so simple, but such a game changer for us. Our subbies use their phones to post a picture of what they are working on when they arrive and what they have achieved when they leave. Every day I know where every job is without having to make a load of calls, plus we have a permanent visual record of all our jobs. Knowing there is a record of what they did in a day seems to make subbies work faster too! Funny that!”

All your plans in your pocket:

“I’ve got ten sets of plans in my head at any one time”, said the Sparky on our project. “What if you could have them all in your pocket instead” I said. Ten seconds later I had invited the Sparky to Buildcloud and he had access to all the latest M&E drawings on his phone, another ten seconds later and he had invited his junior and he had access to them all too. For us the best part of Buildcloud is how easy it is to share all the project information with everyone on the team and know that they will get notified automatically if anything changes.

Site notes in seconds:

“I hate Microsoft word, but I used to spend 2hrs a week per project writing up my scribbled site notes from our client and architect progress meeting, emailing photos to myself to my computer then copying and pasting them into the document then saving as a PDF file. I don’t do that anymore – Buildcloud does it all for me. I type my notes into the app during the meeting, snap photos as I go and issue the PDF direct from my phone before the client has even got in their car to drive away. I save hours a week.”

Get in touch

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