How Interior Designers can use Buildcloud to save time and win more clients

Buildcloud is a brand new app that fits perfectly with the way Interior Designers work, and it’s already helping hundreds of companies ensure their clients achieve their dream homes. The app is simple, well designed, and has great potential to save you time and win you more clients.

High end clients expect high end communications

Any company offering home and property design, build, repair, improvements or products should carefully consider adding Buildcloud to their workflow. For Interior designers the app fits perfectly into your project management processes, allowing you to stay in touch with your clients on and off site.

The app offers a simple suite of tools, with which you can manage multiple projects at once:

  • Newsfeed – as simple as using facebook, upload project updates and images to share with the project team, and comment on updates too
  • Drawings – all your project drawings in your pocket, ensuring everyone has the latest plan
  • Site Notes – make site notes on your iPhone, no need to type up and collate images later on, and share right away
  • Team – manage the project team, and invite other companies to collaborate, wherever you are
  • Photos – every image uploaded is stored here, so progress is easy to track

Add Buildcloud to your pitch and win more clients

Pitching to clients is more than just proving your creative ability and style. Clients also want to know that you can professionally manage their project during planning and once it is underway.

Showing your clients the Buildcloud app as part of your pitch demonstrates that their project will be fully project managed, in simple way that they will have direct access to. These days we all expect to be able to keep on top of every aspect of our lives on our phone, and Buildcloud is as easy to use as Facebook for your clients, or anyone else on the project team.

You clients may already have the Pinterest app and Houzz app on their phones, and have collected some mood boards of styles they like. Buildcloud picks up where these apps leave off, ensuring your client can continue to use their phone once their project is underway.

Interior Designers are already using Buildcloud to win more clients, and the app is now an important part of their toolbox that they use every day.

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