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Buildcloud is simple to get started with and easy to use for everyone on your project team. But if you need some more info before you sign up, or some help getting started, then we have provided some pointers below.

Can I try Buildcloud for Free?

You can try Buildcloud for free with one project and 20 files for as long as you want to. Users are unlimited and our apps are free to download and use. When you need more files or projects you can easily upgrade to Buildcloud Starter for just £9 a month.

Are there additional costs?

Buildcloud is FREE to try for up to 1 project, with 20 project files across your projects. This includes UNLIMITED user accounts for your company, and the companies you work with on your projects. The Buildcloud iPhone app and Android apps are also FREE for anyone to use.

If you need more projects you can simply upgrade to Buildcloud Starter, which is only £9 a month.

There are no installation, upgrade or support costs. You can get in touch with us whenever you need to.

Is support included?

Online and telephone support is included, our messaging system is available inside the mobile app and when you use Buildcloud on your laptop, and you will be put in touch with the Buildcloud team. You can give it a try by clicking the green icon in the bottom right of this page right now.

If you would prefer you can drop an email to, or our phone number is 07872 610407 and we are available during normal business hours.

We aim to get back to you as soon as possible, but please rememember that we are based in the UK. Ask us anything at all, we love to help.

Can I change plans or cancel anytime?

You don’t need a credit card to use Buildcloud, just sign up for free and you can have up to 2 projects and unlimited users.

If you then upgrade to Buildcloud Starter you can downgrade at any time by reducing the number of projects you have to 2 or less. If you need to cancel, just drop an email to and we will cancel your account for you.

How often will I be billed?

Buildcloud is free to try for as long as you like, for up to 2 projects, with 20 project files. When you are ready you can upgrade to Buildcloud Starter which is billed monthly, and the date of each payment will be the same every month.

To upgrade you simply make your second project and we will give you access to our simple payment page. Payment is made through Stripe, which means we don’t store your card details and all payments are secure and encrypted.

How do I download the iPhone app?

The Buildcloud iPhone app is free to download for anyone, you can find us in the Apple App Store, just search for Buildcloud, or click here. You will need a existing login to access your projects, or you can register in the app for a new account.

We often update the Buildcloud app with new features and updates, and all updates are free.

How do I download the Buildcloud Android App?

The Buildcloud Android App is free to download for anyone, you can find us in the Google Play Store, just search for Buildcloud, or click here. You will need a existing login to access your projects, or you can register in the app for a new account.

We often update the Buildcloud app with new features and updates, and all updates are free.

Do I have to install anything on my computer?

Buildcloud is offered as software as a service, so there are no installation costs or procedures. You simply register online and you will be able to use the desktop app, the iPhone app and the android app with the same login.

This also means that there are no server costs, and all updates will be free and taken care of for you. It’s just the same as using services like Dropbox or Facebook.

We make sure all your documents and data are secure and safe on our servers.

How do I create a new project?

You can create a new project from the iPhone app, android app or online. On the mobile app just go to the Projects screen and click the + icon at the top of the screen.

If you are on your laptop or desktop, just go to and then click the green + icon on the dashboard.


Projects made on any Buildcloud mobile app will be synced to the desktop app, and visa versa.

How do I invite someone to my project or company?

You can invite a guest to your project (they will get their own company on Buildcloud), or a full member (they will join your company).

  • Guest users are normally someone you are working with on your project, that is not part of your company, for example a contractor or client. They can only see the projects you invite them to.
  • Full Member users are members of your company or team, they will be able to see all of your projects.

You can invite a user in the iPhone app or android app, just go to the Team tab on your project and tap Add New User…

On the desktop app, go to the projects dashboard, and click the green + on the project you would like to invite your new user to. You can also invite a user from the projects users page (once you have opened your project).


Remember that all users are free and unlimited on all our plans.

Can I give people different permissions on my projects, and in my company?

Permissions are really simple in Buildcloud. There are two places you can set them, but if you don’t wish to change anything you can stick with the default permissions we set for you.

On each project you can choose if a company has permission to upload files to that project, this can be done from the desktop or mobile app.

You can also set permissions for individuals in your company, which will override any project level file upload settings, on any project. Just access your company on the desktop app, or go to the Team tab on the mobile app and tap on your own company, and then the user you would like to edit.

Signup for FREE

Buildcloud is FREE to try for 1 project, with 20 project files. Simply upgrade to Buildcloud Starter when you need to, for a fixed price of £9 a month.

Not found the answer?

If you have any questions, or need help, then please get in touch with us. We love to help with any query, no matter how small. You can use our online chat, just click the green icon in the bottom right and drop us a message right now.

Or you can email us at or even give our Product Manager, Cat, a call on her mobile on 07872 610407.

We will get back to you as soon as we can, and we are available on live chat all day, often out of hours too, so drop us a message any time.